The fall of Zigur

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This quest is started by the Grand Corruptor, who will offer it to you during battle with him if you have more than 10 raw levels in spell talents, are not currently time-travelling, do not have the Antimagic quest The Curse of Magic, and when you bring him below 40% total life.

He will offer to let you destroy Zigur in return for knowledge and power; he will reward you with the Corruption/Hexes; or increase your mastery of it by 0.2 if you already have it.

You will have the option of giving the Hexes talent tree to a party member that satisfies the following conditions:

  • It is not dead, and it is on the current map
  • It may be fully controlled by you
  • It is not a summoned creature with a time limit

More specifically, Alchemist golems, Worm That Walks, and Mecharachnid pets are allowed to receive this reward.

Completing the quest for the first time also unlocks the Corruptor class. You will also be rewarded with the Anti-Antimagic! achievement.

When you accept the quest, you will be fully healed (life healed and detrimental effects removed), the Grand Corruptor will open a portal to Zigur, and you, the Grand Corruptor, and his Rhaloren army (3 random elven mages) will travel through it to attack. Also, the Rhaloren faction will become friendly to you, and the Zigur faction will become hostile to you. Protector Myssil will target you as soon as you arrive, and 7 random Ziguranth members will appear to defend Zigur.

The quest will be completed when Protector Myssil dies, but if the Grand Corruptor dies first, you will fail the quest. After completing the quest, the Grand Corruptor and his Rhaloren army will be invincible for 20 turns. After that, it is possible to kill the Grand Corruptor.

At the ending of the game, if you completed this quest and did not kill the Grand Corruptor afterwards, it will be mentioned that he attacked and took control of Elvala while you were in the Far East.