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Boss Protector Myssil
Floors 1
Level Range 15 to 50
Item Level Range 2 to 3
(after back from Far East) 3 to 4
Size 50x50
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

Zigur is a town in Maj'Eyal (the West). It is located on the south side of a lake, east of the Old Forest, and northwest of Last Hope.

Zigur is populated by a brotherhood known as the Ziguranth, who are vehemently opposed to the use of "unnatural" magic. Their entire town is inaccessible to spellcasters (characters who know any talent that "is: a spell") and undead, unless they are Antimagic.

Reading the sign near the entrance of Zigur unlocks the ability to betray magic-using escortees to the Ziguranth, for the current character and all future characters. (You must not have any magical talents, or runes, to do this.)


Zigur hosts the following shops:

  • Horman's Plates (Heavy Armor, Massive Armor, Shields, and Headgear)
  • Infused Leather (Light Armor, Gloves, Boots, and Belts)
  • Slash & Dash (Greatswords and Longswords)
  • Nature's Punch (Greatmauls and Maces)
  • Slice & Dice (Waraxes and Battleaxes)
  • Nature's Reach (Longbows, Slings, and Ammo)
  • A Million Cuts (Daggers)
  • Purification Tools (Mindstars, Torques, and Totems)
  • Library (Lore)
  • Nature's Emporium (Infusions)

All merchandise sold in Zigur is certified to be free of the taint of arcane forces.

These stores are stocked and restocked as follows:

When Level Material range
Character birth 10 1-1
At level 10 20 1-2
At level 20 35 2-3
At level 30 45 3-4
At level 40 50 4-5
At level 50 60 4-5

(The library does not use the player level to find the material level range, but it doesn't matter because the items available are fixed.)


A unique feature of Zigur is the Antimagic quest, available at character level 10 to anyone willing to forsake the use of all magic forever.

Protector Myssil is the leader of the Ziguranth. During the Storming the city quest, she will show you the way to Tempest Peak so that you can defeat Urkis after saving Derth, if you have chosen a life of Antimagic (which prevents you from getting to Tempest Peak via Angolwen). Killing Urkis and returning to her lets you learn the Fungus talent tree. If you have no prior knowledge, you'll get the tree, locked, at 1.00 mastery; if you already have the locked tree, she will unlock it; or if you have already unlocked the tree, she will increase your mastery of it by 0.1. Additionally, she will enhance your Mana Clash talent to remove 4 magical sustains on the target. If you haven't forsworn magic, she will not speak with you at all.

The fall of Zigur is an optional quest that magic-using characters can do, in which you join forces with the Grand Corruptor and attack Zigur together with him and his Rhaloren army. The quest is completed if Protector Myssil dies, but failed if the Grand Corruptor dies first.