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Guardian None
Floors 1
Level Range 1 to 15
Item Level Range 1 to 2
Size 196x80
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

The town of Derth is located in the north central region of Maj'Eyal. It is populated primarily by Halflings and Humans.

Derth has several stores, which sell tier 1-2 items:

  • Armoury (heavy armor)
  • Tanner (light armor)
  • Swordsmith (swords)
  • Knives and daggers (daggers)
  • Death from Afar (ranged weapons)
  • Herbalist (infusions)
  • Jewelry (gems)
  • Survival Supplies (lites and picks)

Store inventories are generated for level 8 at character birth, level 25 after The Master, and level 40 after Charred Scar.

This sleepy hamlet sports three quests: a shady Cornac in the northeast will invite characters to fight in the Arena. He will not appear if you don't first enter the town before level 14. If you haven't done the quest by level 14 he will likely be killed during the elemental invasion. Stire the Alchemist, part of the Brotherhood of Alchemists quest, also lives in Derth; he cannot be killed by the elementals.

When your character reaches level 14, Derth will undergo a magical siege by gwelgoroths (lightning elementals). The open layout of the town makes this quest extremely dangerous for the unprepared. In the absence of high lightning resistance, fabulous mobility, or a simply powerful character, you may wish to postpone this until a later level. The quest becomes unavailable if you somehow do not enter the world map before you reach level 23.

If the elementals are defeated, the cloud of darkness and lightning will remain. In order to dispel this, the character must complete the second half of this quest, by defeating Urkis on Tempest Peak. Tempest Peak is inaccessible without help -- either from Linaniil in Angolwen, or from the leader of Zigur.

Northeast of Derth is the Trollmire, the starting zone for most races. Northwest of Derth is the ruined tower of Kor'Pul, a failed necromancer who is said to haunt his former demesne.