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Linaniil, Supreme Archmage of Angolwen
Humanoid human linaniil supreme archmage.png
Game Version: 1.7.2
Location Level range
Angolwen 50+
A tall, pale woman dressed in a revealing silk robe.
Her gaze is so intense it seems to burn.
Base Statistics
Strength Dexterity Constitution Magic Willpower Cunning
10 15 14 26 42
Stat Progress
mag++ wil+
Aether Permeation (1)
Draconic Body (1)
Meteoric Crash (1)
Lucky Day (1)
Elemental Surge (1)
Eye of the Tiger (1)
Wildfire (5)
Flame (5)
Flameshock (5)
Burning Wake (5)
Cleansing Flames (5)
Manathrust (5)
Arcane Power (5)
Disruption Shield (5)
Freeze (5)
Tempest (5)
Hurricane (5)
Essence of Speed (5)
Phase Door (5)
Teleport (5)
Keen Senses (5)
Premonition (5)
High Thaumaturgist (1)
Orb of Thaumaturgy (5)
Slipstream (5)
Multicaster (5)
Elemental Array Burst (5)

The founder of Angolwen and one of the most powerful mages of the era.



Linaniil is a historic figure of tremendous importance, as well as the founder of Angolwen. Most of what we know about her comes from the writings of historians, although her "Lecture on Humility" is required reading for young mages in training.

The earliest known tales of Linaniil are recorded in Aranion Gawaeil's memoirs, from the Age of Allure. Linaniil, daughter of Turthel of the Kar'Krul, accompanied her father and sister as the former met with the Shaloren in Elvala to discuss the investigation of a Sher'Tul farportal. The plan was to harness the farportal's power to decimate the orcish armies, with whom the other races were then at war.

As every child of Eyal knows, this plan ultimately led to the Spellblaze, and the devastation of the world. Linaniil was gravely injured, and survived only through a combination of her own spellcraft, and that of Aranion. Her sister was killed by the Spellblaze, and her father was killed by an uprising of the Kar'Krul, one of the first hints of the Spellhunt which would soon ravish the continent. She and Aranion parted, each to tend to their own sundered people.

During this time, Linaniil laid the foundations of Angolwen, gathering mages in secrecy. Archmage Varil writes that Linaniil's founding of Angolwen arises from her belief that one day, mages will again be accepted in the world.

Fifteen years later, Linaniil and Aranion met once again. Linaniil led them to an ancient temple to slain god, and absorbed the lingering remnants of its power. Nobody is quite certain what effects this had upon her body and mind, except for the most obvious: she, a human, has lived through all the thousands of years since then.

In the Age of Dusk, in the centuries following the Spellblaze, Linaniil and her mages silently and secretly did what little they could to heal the broken lands. Linaniil's "Lecture on Humility" appears to have been written during this period, expressing frustration and hearbreak as the combined efforts of the mages of Angolwen proved insufficient to prevent the cataclysmic aftershocks.

Linaniil appears again in the diaries of King Toknor, in the Year of Pyre 711. Mirvenia was accompanied by Linaniil, who was seen using fire-based magic to burn orcs. Toknor was willing to accept this arcane ally only because of Mirvenia's word that Linaniil could be trusted.

Today, Linaniil resides in Angolwen, but rarely speaks to visitors.