Elemental surge (talent)

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Elemental Surge
Elemental surge.png
Game Version 1.5.10
Category Type Prodigies
Category Cunning
Requirements Cunning 50
Have dealt over 50,000 arcane, fire, cold, lightning, light or nature damage
Use Mode Passive
Range -
Cost -
Cooldown 12
Travel Speed -
Use Speed -
Description Surround yourself with an elemental aura. When you deal a critical hit with an element, you have a chance to trigger a special effect.
  • Arcane damage has a 30% chance to increase your spellcasting speed by 20% for 5 turns.
  • Fire damage has a 30% chance to cleanse all physical or magical detrimental effects on you.
  • Cold damage has a 30% chance to turn your skin into ice for 5 turns, reducing physical damage taken by 30%, increasing armor by 20–50cSS:Cun,0.75P, and dealing (Cunning) ice damagemin 100 to attackers.
  • Lightning damage has a 30% chance to transform you into pure lightning for 5 turns; any damage will teleport you to an adjacent tile and ignore the damage (can only happen once per turn).
  • Light damage has a 30% chance to create a barrier around you, absorbing (100 + 2 * Cun) damage for 5 turns.
  • Nature damage has a 30% chance to harden your skin, preventing the application of any magical detrimental effects for 5 turns.

The Cold and Light effects scale with your Cunning.

These effects only trigger for hits over (4 * Character Level) damage.