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Guardian None
Floors 1
Level Range 1 to 15
Item Level Range 1 to 2
Size 196x80
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

Elvala is a town in the southwestern region of Maj'Eyal. It is the home of the Shalore Elves, noted primarily for its double-ellipse architecture.

Marus the Alchemist lives here.

The Scintillating Caves lie northeast of Elvala. Across the river to the northwest, the Rhaloren Camp is home to renegade Shalore who espouse a philosophical difference with regard to the role of the Shaloren, and Magic, in the world's affairs.


Elvala has a small number of shops:

  • Tailor (Cloth Armor, Cloaks, and Belts)
  • Tanner (Light Armor, Gloves, Boots, and Belts)
  • Swordsmith (Greatswords and Longswords)
  • Staff carver (Staves)
  • Runemaster (Runes)
  • Shady Library (Lore)

These stores are stocked and restocked as follows:

When Level Material range
Character birth 10 1-1
At level 10 20 1-2
At level 20 35 2-3
At level 30 45 3-4
At level 40 50 4-5
At level 50 60 4-5

(The library does not use the player level to find the material level range, but it doesn't matter because the items available are fixed.)