Rhaloren Camp

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Rhaloren Camp
Guardian Rhaloren Inquisitor
Floors 3
Level Range 1 to 7
Item Level Range 1 to 1
Size 50x50
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

The Rhaloren Camp is a zone in the southwest of Maj'Eyal, near the Shaloren city of Elvala.

Its default layout is an underground dungeon layout similar to that of Ruins of Kor'Pul, with narrow corridors connecting rectangular rooms. The levels are mostly dark. It has an alternate layout, which is an aboveground open grassy area, with scattered trees and buildings. In the alternate layout, the levels are fully lit.

The levels are inhabited by elven warriors and elven spellcasters; and also by rodents, mold and worms. The elven NPCs and the other monsters are enemies, and will fight each other.

The southern portion of the third level is a suite of rooms with a static layout; the boss is The Inquisitor, an elven warrior/mage hybrid, in the southern central room.

The Rhaloren Camp may have vaults: circle, amon sul crypt, rat nest, and skeleton mage cabal. The circle vaults often have a level 25 elven spellcaster, so exercise caution.