Ruins of Kor'Pul

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Ruins of Kor'Pul
Floors 3
Level Range 1 to 7
Item Level Range 1 to 1
(after back from Far East) 3 to 5
Size 50x50
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

The ruins of Kor'Pul are a first-tier zone in the northern region of Maj'Eyal, between Derth and the mountain pass leading to the frozen north.

It has a "dungeon" layout, with darkened corridors connecting rooms that may be lit or dark. It is inhabited by rodents and weak undead.

Its boss is The Shade, a spellcasting undead, who always appears in a special predefined room in the southern part of the third level.

In the alternate zone layout, The Shade has been killed by a gang of bandits but their leader was possessed.

Kor'Pul may have 4 kinds of vaults: circle, amon sul crypt, rat nest, and skeleton mage cabal.

After returning from the Far East, the backup guardian is Kor's Fury, yet another undead. This guy just doesn't know when to quit.