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After returning from the Far East, players may find new or 'corrupted' bosses in many zones throughout the West. They are found on the same-numbered floors of their zones regardless of whether or not it is the alternate version of each zone. Backup guardians only appear if the original guardian of the zone was defeated. The existence of the backup guardians is hinted at by rumors randomly spoken by town NPCs.

Zone Level Guardian Guardian Level Artifact(s) Dropped
Trollmire 2 Aluin 35+ Sanguine Shield (35% chance)
Kor'Pul 3 Kor's Fury 35+ Vox (25% chance)
Scintillating Caves 3 Spellblaze Simulacrum 35+ Crystal Heart (25% chance)
The Deep Bellow 3 The Abomination 35+ Warped Boots (25% chance)
Reknor 4 Lithfengel 35+ Resonating Diamond, Blood-Runed Athame
The Maze 2 Nimisil 40+ Lunar Shield (25% chance)
Dreadfell 1 Pale Drake 40+ Runed Skull (25% chance)
Daikara 4 Massok 43+ Dragonskull Helm (25% chance)
Sandworm Lair 1 Corrupted Sand Wyrm 45+ Wyrm Bile, Atamathon's Lost Ruby Eye
Old Forest 3 Snaproot 50+ Petrified Wood (25% chance)