The Deep Bellow

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The Deep Bellow
Boss The Mouth, The Abomination
Floors 3
Level Range 1 to 7
Item Level Range 1 to 1
(after back from Far East) 3 to 5
Size 50x50
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

The Deep Bellow is a zone accessible only through an exit from Iron Council, and therefore only to dwarven characters.

The first 2 levels use a cavern layout, with open chambers and very few bottlenecks. The third level has a static layout (a large round chamber with some pillars). The levels are lit.

The zone is inhabited by rodents and corrupted horrors.

The boss is The Mouth, an immobile horror which attempts to pull you in. It cannot be harmed directly; instead, it spawns slimy crawlers periodically, and killing those does damage to The Mouth.

After returning from the Far East, the backup guardian is The Abomination, a horror with Cursed and Anorithil talents.


While many seem to consider the zone name a typo, it has been confirmed by DarkGod to be a pun. The same applies to the associated quest, From bellow, it devours.