The Mouth

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The Mouth
Game Version: 1.5.10
Location Level range
The Deep Bellow 7+
From bellow, it devours.
Base Statistics
Strength Dexterity Constitution Magic Willpower Cunning
10 10 10 20 10 12
Stat Progress
mag++ wil+ str++ dex+
Call of Amakthel (1)
Drain (1+)
Gift of Amakthel, used every 10 turns
  • ~10,000k life (but don't freak out yet)
  • 1000 accuracy, 100 physical power, APR 1000
  • 1000% physical critical chance
  • 0 armor, 2 defense
  • 100% blindness resistance
  • Immovable

The Mouth will attempt to pull you towards it with Call of Amakthel, and will summon Slimy Crawlers with Gift of Amakthel. Damage the Crawlers to kill it; don't attack it directly since it has far too much HP and it packs quite a punch. Slimy Crawlers walk very fast and can knock you back.