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Game Version: 1.7.2
Location Level range
Temple of Creation 43-49
This towering Naga exudes power, and radiates a certain charismatic charm as well. His masculine face stares at you with great intensity, and you struggle to meet his gaze. His torso is bare apart from an exquisite pearl set directly in his chest, and in his muscular arms he holds ready a heavy mace and shield. You sense there is more to him also, as if the very power of the ocean were concentrated in this great creature, and that the wrath of it may come flooding out at any moment.
Base Statistics
Strength Dexterity Constitution Magic Willpower Cunning
78-88 54-66 55-64 54-61 14-21 44-49
Stat Progress
  • Has +50% cold penetration
  • 30-50% resist fire/acid/darkness/physical (Random, could have some, all, or none of these), 67% resist cold, 15-20% resist all
  • 100% Confusion, Teleport resist
  • 0-18 Armor, 13-39 defense
  • Strong physical save
  • 81-111 damage
  • Talents: Arcane Reconstruction, Blinding Speed, Combat Accuracy, Freeze
Ice Shards, Ice Storm, Mind Disruption, Perfect Strike, Riposte
Shield Expertise, Shield Pummel, Spit Poison, Tidal Wave
Uttercold, Water Bolt, Weapons Mastery, Infusion/Rune x5
If he spawns high enough level, will have I Can Carry The World!

Defeating him gives Destroyer of the creation achievement. Drops Eldritch Pearl. Being a Parasite forces you to kill him.