Anteroom of Agony

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ToME Version: 1.7.6
Anteroom of Agony
Boss Rogroth, Eater of Souls
Floors 3
Level Range 16 to 25
Item Level Range 2 to 3
Size 41x41
Zone Effect none

This zone can only be accessed by characters that started in the Fearscape and subsequently escaped to Maj'Eyal. Beginning from level 18, the Rod of Recall has a chance to teleport you to this zone whenever it is used. The chance for this to occur scales from 15% at level 18, to 90% at level 27.

At the entry point on the first level, there will be a small ambush waiting for the player. Another larger ambush awaits behind the ensuing portal. After both ambushes are defeated, the player can enter a building to find the portal leading to the other levels. These levels all resemble the Searing Halls starter area.

The enemies in this zone are all demons, mostly quasits (can rush), fire imps (can phase door), and wretchlings. There are a few major demons scampering about as well.

The zone guardian, Rogroth Eater of Souls, has the ability to instantly revive nearby allies as demon husks. If you witness this happening, you will unlock the Demonologist class.