Heart of the Sandworm Queen

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Heart of the Sandworm Queen
Type other
Description The heart of the sandworm queen, ripped from her dead body.
Abilities Characters may consume this item to obtain 3 stat points, 1 class point, 1 generic point; and characters that can use infusions will upgrade the Wild-gift/Harmony talent category. This category upgrade will do one of the following:
  • If the character did not have access to Wild-gift/Harmony, it will now be made available as a locked category.
  • If the category was already available but locked, it will be unlocked instead.
  • If the category was already unlocked, then its mastery level will be increased by 0.2.

Consuming the heart will also fulfill 1/2 of the 'Close to the Draconic World' requirement needed for some prodigies, as well as unlocking the Wyrmic Wilder class.

The Heart of the Sandworm Queen can also be corrupted on the altar at the Mark of the Spellblaze (with or without allying with the boss there) to create the Corrupted heart of the Sandworm Queen. This item may be consumed by any non-antimagic character to grant the same benefits as the uncorrupted heart, except the talent category Corruption/Vile Life will be involved instead.

Note that Unnatural creatures (typically, Undead) cannot use the Wild-gift/Harmony tree, and as a result, do not gain any skill tree from the standard Heart, though they can still make use of the Corrupted one.