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Metaphasic Spin
File:Metaphasic Spin.png
Game Version 1.6.4
Category Type Spell
Category Occult Technomancy
Requirements Arcane Dynamo
Use Mode Activated
Cost 40 mana, 10 steam sustained
Range Melee/Personal
Cooldown 7
Travel Speed Instantaneous
Use Speed -
Description You imbue a steamsaw with arcane and temporal forces, making it spin very fast around your waist (ignoring requirements).

The saw spins so fast it it disturbs spacetime around you, increasing your spellpower by up to 10–50cTS, your spell critical chance by up to 3–10cTS and your mana regen by up to 0.5–4cTS (depending on steamsaw tier).
Any successful melee attack against you also triggers an automatic steamsaw attack that cannot miss dealing (√(talentlevel/5))/1.5 weapon damage as occult damage (arcane and temporal).
The steamsaw used will provide its bonus as if it was worn, but you can not Block with it.
Increases steamsaws weapon damage by (√(talentlevel/5))/1.5 and uses Magic instead of Strength to determine their damage.
If using Aether Avatar, all Occult Technomancy spells become usable for its duration and all occult damage becomes pure arcane.

When you first learn this talent you also learn the Steamsaw tinker creation if you didn't already know it.

Editors note: I think this adds +30 phys power in addition to what is written here.Reality Breach (talent)Ethereal Steam (talent)Metaphasic Echoes (talent)