Blighted summoning (talent)

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Blighted Summoning
Blighted summoning.png
Game Version 1.7.4
Category Type Prodigies
Category Magic
Requirements Magic 50
Have summoned at least 100 creatures. More permanent summons may count as more than 1.
Use Mode Passive
Cost -
Range -
Cooldown -
Travel Speed -
Use Speed -
Description You infuse blighted energies into all of your summons, granting them Bone Shield (level 3) and a bonus to Spellpower equal to your Magic.

Your Wilder Summons and Necrotic Minions will gain special corrupted talents (level 3), other summons will gain 10% Blight damage conversion and Virulent Disease (level 3).

Wilder Summons:

Necrotic Minions: