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Luck gives small bonuses to many combat attributes. Unlike other attributes, Luck is not shown on your character sheet, and is a 'hidden' attribute.

The default value for Luck is 50. Gains per point above 50:

Accuracy:             0.40
Defense:              0.40
Critical hit chance:  0.30
Physical save:        0.175
Mental save:          0.175
Spell save:           0.175

(i.e. The default 50 Luck gives no benefit, and you will get a penalty at less than 50 Luck.)

In addition, each point above 50 gives a 0.2% chance to avoid your own AoE effects (similar to Spellcraft), and if you know Unseen Actions (note: only found on NPCs), increases the chance to not break stealth by 0.2%. The Defense given by Duck and Dodge is proportional to your Luck.

Luck also has a few more minor effects:

  • Luck does not affect the chance to get a hostile encounter on the world map (which is always 2%), but if you do not get a hostile encounter, the chance of getting a harmless encounter is 1% + (Luck * 0.07%).
  • The chance to be able to apologise to Ukllmswwik the Wise (and avoid fighting him) if you tell him you spoke with Slasul is (30 + Luck)%.