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Fatigue increases the costs of some talents, depending on the resource they use. Fatigue depends directly on the armour and equipment worn and is expressed as a percentage. This percentage is the amount that resource costs are increased by, with some resource types having double fatigue penalties. For example, at 21% fatigue a combat talent will cost 1.21 times as much Stamina and a spell 1.42 times as much Mana. Obviously, less is better. Although there are some ways to reduce fatigue, it cannot go below 0%. Fatigue does not affect sustain resource costs.

Resources unaffected by fatigue:

Resources with normal fatigue penalties:

Resources with double fatigue penalties:

  • Feedback
  • Mana
  • Paradox (increases the failure/anomaly/backfire chance by twice the fatigue percentage after paradox exceeds 200/300/400 respectively, but does not affect spell costs)
  • Psi