High Peak

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Warning: this page contains spoilers.
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High Peak
Guardian Argoniel and Elandar
Floors 10
Level Range 55 to 80
Item Level Range 5 to 5
Size 50x75
Zone Effect Varies

Zone Information

This is the final zone. Once you enter, there is no way to exit the zone until you win the game, and the Rod of Recall will not work. When you enter, you will receive the quest Falling Toward Apotheosis (unless you already have it). The floors have no down stairs, so it's impossible to travel from later floors to earlier floors. Each of the first 10 levels is a network of passageways containing orcs, horrors, and demons. They each have two flights of collapsing stairs leading to two Greater Vaults per floor, each flight of stairs having 2-4 uses before they become inactive.

On floors 1 to 9, each floor's up stairs is guarded by a random boss (regardless of difficulty). These stair guards are always unique rank, with 2 classes, and drop 2 boss-quality items (in place of the 3 boss-quality items that random bosses normally drop). The base enemy for the stair guards can be a random humanoid, or a major demon, naga, orc, bone giant, or horror.

If the Forbidden Cults DLC is enabled, a glyph sequence for the Occult Egress will appear on the ground, somewhere between level 3 and level 8. Entering this sequence will create a portal that leads to the Entropic Void, where the player can fight the Hypostasis of Entropy.

On level 10 is a portal to the Sanctum, where the final boss fight will take place. If the player never visited the Charred Scar, or if they failed to interrupt the sorcerers' ritual in time while they were there, then the Sunwall will have fallen while the player was trapped in the High Peak. In this case, if High Sun Paladin Aeryn is still alive, she will appear on this level at the portal, as Fallen Sun Paladin Aeryn. She will be hostile to the player, because she blames them for the loss of the Sunwall. If the player defeats her in combat, they will have the option to kill her or spare her. If she is spared, she will disappear, but she will reappear to assist in the final fight (see below).

The entire zone may be teleported within.

The Sanctum

The Sanctum is the special 11th floor of the High Peak, reached through a portal on floor 10. It is a large room that contains the void farportal. In this room, you will need to defeat the sorcerers Argoniel and Elandar to win the game. Aeryn will show up to help you, if she's alive (i.e. if you stopped the sorcerers' ritual in the Charred Scar, or if you didn't but you spared Aeryn on the previous floor). Argoniel and Elandar will initially target Aeryn.

In the void farportal room, there are four Invocation Portals summoning demons/wyrms/etc. in the corners. You can walk onto an Invocation Portal and use the corresponding Orb of Command to seal it. The portals do not spawn that quickly and the critters are as likely to attack Aeryn as you, and are thus often not a large factor.

Corner Portal and Orb name Enemy type
North-West Destruction Demons
North-East Dragons Dragons
South-West Elements Elementals
South-East Undeath Undead

For each possible number of portals sealed (0-4), there is an achievement than can be earned for closing exactly that many portals:

Number Achievement
0 Tactical master
1 Portal destroyer
2 Portal reaver
3 Portal ender
4 Portal master

There are four small pillar walls in the cardinal directions which provide minimal hiding capability.

Once both sorcerers are defeated, the ending will begin. Different endings are possible, based on a few factors and the decisions made in the ending dialogue. See the quest page Falling Toward Apotheosis for details.

After defeating both sorcerers, if the player is still alive, all enemies on the floor will disappear, and the portals will stop summoning enemies. Passageways to the east and west will open, revealing a pair of exit farportals, allowing the player to leave. The west farportal takes you to the wilderness outside the Iron Throne, in the West. The east farportal takes you to the wilderness outside the Unremarkable Cave, in the East.

Zone Specific Artifacts