Gerlyk, the Creator

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Gerlyk, the Creator
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Game Version: 1.7.4
Location Level range
Void between worlds 100+
During the Age of Haze nearly all gods were destroyed by the Sher'tul Godslayers. However, a small number escaped.

Gerlyk, the creator of the Human race, prefered to flee into the void between the stars than to face death. He has been trapped ever since.

The sorcerers tried to bring him back and nearly succeeded.

Now you have come to finish what the Sher'tul began. Become a Godslayer yourself.

Base Statistics
Strength Dexterity Constitution Magic Willpower Cunning
100 100 100 100 100 100
Stat Progress
Gloom (3)
Weakness (3)
Dismay (3)
Unnatural Body (4)
Dominate (1)
Blindside (3)
Slash (3)
Reckless Charge (1)

Damage Smearing (3)
Haste (3)

Healing infusion
Regeneration infusion
Shielding rune
Invisibility rune
Movement infusion
Wild infusion
  • Life: 82823 +
  • +10000 max stamina, mana, positive energy, negative energy, and vim
  • +80 Str, Dex, Con, Mag, Wil, and Cun
  • +100% instakill, stun, blind, and confusion immunity
  • +150 see invisible power

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Gerlyk, the Creator is a God and the supposed creator of the Human race, who avoided being killed by the Sher'Tul Godslayers, but ended up trapped in the void between worlds. In the main campaign, the Sorcerers Elandar and Argoniel are trying to bring him back from the void, using a special farportal. Since he has become mad with rage over the thousands of years spent trapped, his return would mean the end of the world, so the player must defeat the Sorcerers and stop his return.

He also exists in the game code as an unused, unfinished boss. In addition to the abilities shown on the right, he was planned to have a special shield talent that only the Awakened Staff of Absorption can remove, but this was not implemented. Killing him would complete the quest In the void, no one can hear you scream.



  • 10 high-quality items