Old Conclave Vault

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ToME Version: 1.7.4
Old Conclave Vault
Guardian Healer Astelrid
Floors 4
Level Range 20 to 30
Item Level Range 2 to 3
Size 50x50
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

The Old Conclave Vault is a zone that is revealed by reading a note dropped by Director Hompalan in the Ruined Halfling Complex.

Director Hompalan will only appear if the Old Conclave Vault was randomly selected to spawn in the current game, from a choice of four possible locations. The other three possible spawns are the Dogroth Caldera, the Sludgenest, and (if Forbidden Cults is enabled) the Scourged Pits.

If the player is a Shalore and has not yet unlocked Ogres, then the Old Conclave Vault will always appear in the current game.

Warning: If the player restarts the same character after death, or overwrites an existing character with a new one, none of these optional zones will spawn.

A few steps after entering this zone, you will be forced into a dialogue with the Ogres, and the only answer is fighting. In the levels below, the player will find many old vats. Standing near these vats will trigger various Ogre-themed monsters to break out of them and fight you. Depending on the specific room type, there is some variation to how the monsters will be triggered. There are also some number of traps on the floors.

Healer Astelrid can be found on the last level, and she can hit hard with her unique greatmaul. This weapon is pretty good for Ogres, but less so for everyone else. Collecting the lore she drops will unlock Ogres as a future starting race.

Zone Specific Artifacts