Cleaning the trash

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Cleaning the trash is a quest added in Forbidden Cults. If the player is at least level 17, has unlocked the Ogre race (on any character), and has completed the quest The Curse of Magic, then when they enter Last Hope, they will receive a letter from Protector Myssil of Zigur, granting them this quest.

The goal of this quest is to rescue a group of 4 Krogs from necromancers who have taken them to the Necromancers' Ruins. A trapdoor to the Necromancers' Ruins will appear on the world map at the start of the quest.

On the second floor of the Necromancers' Ruins, the 4 Krogs are trapped in Time Prisons with a 40-turn duration, and a timer will appear on screen to remind the player of this. The captive Krogs will not take any damage while under the effect of Time Prison, so the player is free to battle in their vicinity without risk of friendly fire. The Krogs start with only 10% of their maximum life, so they are very vulnerable once their Time Prison effects expire. To rescue them, the player must kill all the necromancers.

The quest will end when all the necromancers are dead. At this point, the quest will be failed if all the Krogs died. If some of them survived, the quest will be completed. If all four of them survived, the player will unlock Krog as a playable race.