Orcs: Embers of Rage

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Warning: this page contains spoilers.
This page may contain information that you might not want revealed. Read at your own risk.

Orcs: Embers of Rage is a story campaign, and the sequel to the first story campaign, Maj'Eyal: The Age of Ascendancy. It is added by the Embers of Rage DLC. Once the DLC is enabled, the campaign does not need to be unlocked.

In-Game Description

The Prides lie in ruins!
The Sorcerers have been defeated!
Orcs in all Var'Eyal are in dismay, hunted by the Sunwall and their newfound allies from the west.
The Scourge from the West is back in the west, but her legacy stays strong: the orc race is once again upon the brink of destruction!
But not all hope is lost.
On the isolated Clork Peninsula lies the fifth pride: Kruk's Pride; unseen and unharmed by the Scourge.
Yet not all is great there either, the Sunwall offensive has set up an outpost blocking the way to the mainland.
But the worst threat comes from the peninsula itself, the main inhabitants are not the orcs, but the Atmos Tribe.
A civilization of steam giants whose mastery of steamtech makes them incredible foes.
Play an orc, prove your worth! Use steamtech against the giants, reclaim the far east and free it from Sunwall scum!
Craft your own steamsaws, rocket boots, steam powered armours, and all kind of steamy technology!
This is your destiny! For Garkul's Legacy, for the Glory of the Pride!

Playable Characters

Only races introduced in the Embers of Rage DLC (Orc, Kruk Yeti, and Whitehoof) are playable in this campaign.

All classes are eventually playable in this campaign. However, initially, you will only be able to use Tinker and Warrior classes in this campaign. The first time you complete the Internment Camp, you will randomly unlock either Mage or Rogue classes for use in this campaign. (You can play as the classes from that metaclass that you have already unlocked in the main campaign, as well as ones you unlock in the future.) The next time you complete it on a new character, you will unlock the other metaclass out of Mage and Rogue. The third time you complete it on a new character, you will unlock all the metaclasses (that you have unlocked in the main campaign) for use in this campaign.

As a side note, the Tinker classes introduced in the Embers of Rage DLC are initially only playable in this campaign. To unlock them for other campaigns, you must defeat Outpost Leader John with any 2 different Tinker classes.


This campaign has similar features to Maj'Eyal: The Age of Ascendancy, but it is shorter.

This campaign features a world map set on the planet Eyal, of which only the continent Var'Eyal is accessible. There are only 1 town to visit (Kruk Pride), but there are shops scattered around, in the form of Ancient Automated Archives. There are many dungeons to explore. Most dungeons have procedurally-generated layouts. There are many quests that can completed, including the Mystery of the Yetis (the replacement for escorts), which can reward the player with extra talents or talent categories.

The ability to use Tinkers is easily obtainable for any character in this campaign, via the Kruk Pride tinker store.

Story Overview

Warning: this page contains spoilers.
This page may contain information that you might not want revealed. Read at your own risk.

This is a general overview of the story from the perspective of an average player character. Some characters may start or end the story in different ways. The player starts in the Orcs' Kruk pride. Composed of artisans and support professions, Kruk separated from the four main prides long ago to avoid an unspecified disaster, which kept them out of the way of the Scourge from the West, the Age of Ascendancy Player character. The Kruk orcs found new allies in the Krimbul minotaurs and Atmos steam giants, but now the Atmos have turned on them.

The hero fights off the giants' surprise invasion, and launches counterattacks on the Atmos yeti caves and merchant district. Unprepared to launch a full invasion of the giants yet, they face down various minor threats: a Sunwall fort that controls the bridge to the mainland, a port full of troll pirates, and various wild monsters. They rescue the remains of the other prides, who are kept in a prison camp under psionic suppression. Finally, they take the chance for revenge against the old enemies, the Sunwall, and shut the farportal to the west. Along the way they learn troubling news: far off in space, stars are going out at a rapid pace.

Just after the battle at the Sunwall, a steam giant mining machine erupts from the ground, full of panicked giants and subterranean horrors. Going through their records, the player learns the reason for the war: the giants were running low on geothermal power, and when their new leader Councillor Tantalos came to power, he decided that seizing orcish lands would solve their problems. When the orcs won the first battles, however, the giants turned to a mysterious and powerful figure, The Loyalist, who immediately betrayed them.

The player sabotages the giants' steam installation and storms their palace, attacking the council, only to find that the Loyalist has taken over and transformed Tantalos and many of the giants into horribly-mutated monsters. Fighting their way through mutant-filled caves beneath the palace, the player confronts the Loyalist, who is revealed to be a surviving Sher'Tul, a priest of AMAKTHEL who is hell-bent on resurrecting his god (and then wiping all the other races who 'abandoned' him). After a final battle, the player once again separates the undying pieces of AMAKTHEL's body, and chooses to spare the remaining steam giants as they evacuate.