Mystery of the Yetis

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Embers of Rage Version: 1.1.10
Warning: this page contains spoilers.
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In the Embers of Rage campaign, the quest Mystery of the Yetis can be started either be obtaining a Yeti muscle tissue sample, or by talking to the Old Psi-Machine.

In the Ruins of a lost city in the Embers of Rage campaign, there is an Old Psi-Machine on the bottom floor. If you speak with it, it will task you with retrieving Yeti muscle tissue samples from powerful specimens, and will reward you with knowledge in exchange for them. This quest is the Embers of Rage counterpart to the Escort quests from the Age of Ascendancy and Infinite Dungeon campaigns.

Yeti Muscle Tissue samples

In each game, there are 4 Yeti muscle tissue samples available. Each one is dropped by a particular unique Yeti on death.

Sample name Yeti Zone
Yeti's Muscle Tissue (Patriarch) Yeti Patriarch Yetis Cave
Yeti's Muscle Tissue (Behemoth) Captured Yeti Behemoth Dominion Port
Yeti's Muscle Tissue (Astral) Astral-Infused Yeti Sunwall Observatory
Yeti's Muscle Tissue (Mech) Half-Mechanized Yeti G.E.M.


For each tissue sample handed in, you will receive one reward.

You will have the option of giving this reward to a party member that satisfies the following conditions:

  • It is not dead, and it is on the current map
  • It may be fully controlled by you
  • It is not a summoned creature with a time limit

More specifically, Alchemist golems, Worm That Walks, and Mecharachnid pets are allowed to receive these rewards.

There are 3 kinds of rewards: talent categories, talents, and stats.

Talent categories

These talent categories are rewarded unlocked at 1.0 mastery. (This is different to escort rewards, which are rewarded locked.) If you already know a talent category (locked or unlocked), the option for that category will not be available. You cannot choose to unlock a talent category if you already have it as a locked category.

Physical techniques Arcane spells Nature/Psionic talents
Conditioning Divination Dreaming
Mobility Staff Combat Augmented Mobility
Survival Chants Feedback
Scoundrel Chronomancy Antimagic
Curses Call of the Wild
Vile Life Mindstar Mastery

Compared to the available escort rewards, Mobility, Antimagic, Harmony, and Vile Life are added, but Stone Alchemy is removed. Antimagic is presumably available to compensate for being unable to learn it at Zigur in this campaign, and Harmony and Vile Life are presumably available to compensate for the Heart of the Sandworm Queen and its corrupted counterpart being unavailable in this campaign.


If you choose one of these talents, the recipient will gain +1 level in the talent.

Physical techniques Arcane spells Nature/Psionic talents
Vitality Arcane Eye Nature's Touch
Unflinching Resolve Premonition Earth's Eyes
Exotic Weapons Mastery Vision Psiblades
Heightened Senses Channel Staff Thorn Grab
Device Mastery Staff Mastery Sleep
Track Stone Touch Dream Walk
Lacerating Strikes Chant of Fortitude Resolve
Misdirection Chant of Fortress Mana Clash
Disarm Precognition Skate
Foresight Telekinetic Leap
Curse of Defenselessness Resonance Field
Curse of Impotence Conversion
Curse of Death Mind Sear
Spit Poison

Compared to the available escort rewards, Device Mastery, Resolve, and Mana Clash are added, and the talents from the Tinker escort (Innovation, Last Engineer Standing, Craftsman's Eye, and Endless Endurance) are not available. Resolve and Mana Clash were presumably added because Antimagic was added to the talent category rewards.


You can choose to increase any core stat (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Magic, Willpower, Cunning) by 4.

Compared to escort rewards, the stat increases are smaller (+4 instead of +5). Also, there are no rewards that directly increase Saves.

Quest Progression

When you hand in the first tissue sample, you will unlock the Psyshot class.

Each time you hand in a tissue sample, the Old Psi-Machine will tell you another piece of lore regarding the Weissi. After handing in all 4 tissue samples and receiving all the messages, the quest is complete.