Dominion Port

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Dominion Port
Guardian Admiral Korbek
Floors 4
Level Range 12 to 18
Item Level Range 2 to 2
Size 50x50 (80x80 on floors 1 & 2)
Zone Effect none

The Dominion Port is a zone in the Embers of Rage campaign. It is a port established by troll pirates from the Kar'Haïb Dominion, on the Var'Eyal mainland. The objective of the quest This is our land! is to destroy this port.

The bottom two floors are sewers (80x80 tiles), and have long, wide corridors with poisonous water running down the middle.

  • On these floors, there can be strange conduits on south-facing walls. The player can crack these conduits open, revealing that alligators have been nesting inside.
    • There's a 8% chance of 1 random boss alligator and 1 normal alligator, a 17% chance of 2 random rare alligators, a 35% chance of 1 random rare alligator and 1 normal alligator, and a 40% chance of 5 normal alligators.
    • Each conduit also contains a loot item. 10% of the time, this is a randart. 30% of the time, it has 2 greater egos. The remaining 60% of the time, it has 1 greater and 1 lesser ego.
  • These floors can have entrances to hidden vaults.

The third floor is the port itself. It has a town layout. There are booty chests on this floor, in the buildings Needs verification. They can be plundered by walking over them. Each chest contains 50-80 gold, and up to 5 other objects. These other objects are randarts 5% of the time. 10% of the time, they are fixed artifacts. 35% of the time, they have 2 greater egos. The remaining 50% of the time, they have 1 greater and 1 lesser ego.

The fourth floor is a tower with a fixed layout. The tower is a trap, and it has no stairs back down to the third floor. The Captured Yeti Behemoth is on this floor, locked behind a vault door. At the bottom of the map is Admiral Korbek, standing on a structural weakness. The Tower Detonator can be used from the inventory to place the bomb on the structural weakness. The bomb will detonate after 100 turns, destroying the port, and killing the player if they are still there. The player should use the Rod of Recall to escape before the bomb goes off. After escaping, This is our land! will be completed, and the port cannot be reentered.

Can contain AAAs.