This is our land!

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This is our land! is a quest in the Embers of Rage campaign. The goal of the quest is to repel the intrusion of troll pirates from the Kar'Haïb Dominion onto the Var'Eyal mainland. To do this, the player must destroy the Dominion Port.

The player will be granted this quest upon completing You Shall Pass! Upon being granted the quest, the player will receive the Tower Detonator, a powerful bomb that can be set on a structural weakness in the Dominion Port's tower. The tower is the fourth level of the Dominion Port. The bomb is set by using it from the inventory or the hotbar.

After being set, the bomb will detonate after 100 turns, destroying the port, and killing the player if they are still there. The player must use the Rod of Recall to escape before the bomb goes off. (There are no stairs with which to escape the tower on foot.) After escaping, this quest will be completed, and the port cannot be reentered.

There are no in-game functional benefits to completing this quest. If you do complete this quest, make sure to kill the Captured Yeti Behemoth and retrieve its muscle tissue first, as you cannot return otherwise.

Completing this quest will grant the player the quest Children of Garkul, Unite!, if they do not already have it. Starting that quest will in turn grant the quest Stargazers.