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Stargazers is a quest in the Embers of Rage campaign. The player receives this quest immediately upon starting Children of Garkul, Unite!, which is started upon completing either This is our land! or A Ritch Party, or by killing Mindwall in the Internment Camp (or by completing Stargazers, but obviously that's too late for it to start Stargazers). Otherwise, the player receives this quest immediately before they complete it (in other words, this quest can be completed without starting it beforehand).

The primary goal of this quest is to destroy the Sunwall Observatory. The Sunwall Observatory is producing sun and moon orbs in order to reinforce the defenses of the Gates of Morning. Destroying the observatory will therefore weaken the defenses, in preparation for an attack on the Sunwall. The secondary goal of this quest is to retrieve a Cap of the Undisturbed Mind, which the astromancers of the observatory use to maintain their sanity while stargazing. Wearing this cap will allow the player to resist Mindwall's psionic powers when assaulting the Internment Camp.

There are five Star Gazers at the top of the Sunwall Observatory. The first Star Gazer killed will drop a Cap of the Undisturbed Mind. Upon killing all five Star Gazers, this quest will be completed. If all five Star Gazers die within 7 game turns of the first Star Gazer's death, the player will earn the achievement Blood on the Moon.

Completing this quest will grant the quest Children of Garkul, Unite! if it hasn't been started already.

Effects on the Caves of Morning

If this quest has not been completed, in levels 2 to 4 of the Gates of Morning (i.e. the first 3 levels of the Caves of Morning), the caves will contain sun orbs and moon orbs from the Sunwall Observatory. These are immobile enemies that attack with the Solar Orb and Lunar Orb talents, respectively. The total number of defense orbs that each level contains is equal to 8 plus 3 times the level number (so 14, 17, 20 orbs). In order to earn the achievement An Other Brick in the Wall when completing The Deconstruction of Falling Stars, this quest and A Ritch Party must not be completed.