Sunwall Observatory

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Embers of Rage Version: 1.1.10
Sunwall Observatory
Guardian Star Gazer
Floors 3
Level Range 18 to 22
Item Level Range 2 to 3
Size 50x50
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

The first floor is a long canyon (150x24 tiles) populated by various wildlife. Somewhere along the canyon, there will be a narrow side path that leads to the entrance of the Ruined Cave, a small area that allows the player to store items and customize their appearance.

The second floor (70x70 tiles) has a cavern layout and is home to the Astral Yeti, which will drop yeti meat for the Mystery of the Yetis quest.

The final floor is a small area with multiple boss Star Gazers. The entrance to this floor is well sheltered from the bosses by terrain. The bosses can also be engaged individually with the aid of this terrain and careful positioning.

Zone Specific Artifacts