Assassin Lord

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Assassin Lord
Humanoid human assassin lord.png
Game Version: 1.7.3
Location Level range
Unknown Tunnels 8+
He is the leader of a gang of bandits; watch out for his men.
Base Statistics
Strength Dexterity Constitution Magic Willpower Cunning
8 15 7 15 10 15
Stat Progress
cun++ dex+ mag+
Venomous Strike (3-10)
Shadowstep (3-10)
Shadow Veil (1-5)
Apply Poison (1-10)
Stealth (4-10)
Lethality (3-10)
Vile Poisons (1-10)
  • Can open doors
  • Wields two daggers and wears a light armor
  • 5 Armor
  • 7 Defense

The Guardian of Unknown Tunnels. He is very dangerous and should not be crossed lightly. He and his men kidnapped a merchant named Urthol and are keeping him in their hideout.

For most characters, the Assassin Lord and his men will be non-hostile at first, and the player can talk to the Assassin Lord. For Celestial characters in the Sunwall faction, the rogues will be hostile from the start. The Assassin Lord will take no action at first, even if he is hostile.

If you talk to the Assassin Lord, you may choose to side with him. This permanently unlocks the Poisons tree for Rogue, Skirmisher, Marauder, and Archer classes. Siding with the assassin lord is also a prerequisite for the Tricks of the Trade prodigy. As for the merchant... tough luck. Additionally, after returning from the Far East, if you have the Forbidden Cults expansion enabled, you will be able to reroll egos on your items. This is done with the Font of Sacrifice, which becomes available after inputting a code into the Occult Egress. You will receive a message with the code from the Assassin Lord when you first enter Last Hope after returning from the East.

If you talk to the Assassin Lord and choose to attack him, or if you attack him without talking to him, he will throw a smoke bomb and disappear (teleporting randomly within radius 10), activate his sustained talents, and start attacking the player. If this was triggered by hitting him, he will take no damage from that first hit.

If you kill the Assassin Lord, the exit stairs will appear where he was standing. If the merchant is still alive, he will reward you for saving his life. See the Trapped! quest page for details.



  • 100% some gold