Kelad, the One Who Stole Poosh

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Kelad, the One Who Stole Poosh
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Location Level range
[[In zone::Lost land of Poosh]] 19+
This small creature is covered by a cloak and hood, only a pair of yellow eyes are visible.
Base Statistics
Strength Dexterity Constitution Magic Willpower Cunning
25 10 20 20 20 8
Stat Progress
  • +4 armor, +20 defense
  • 20% resist to darkness, light and temporal

Dust to dust (3+), Turn back the clock (5+), Echoes from the past (4+), Rethread (3+)

Temporal fugue (3+), Body reversion (3+)

Energy decomposition (3+), Energy absorption (3+), Repulsion field (3+)

One random Rune

100% immunity to instakills

60% immunity to stunning

Always drops the Heart of Poosh.

Creates a portal out of the zone upon death.

Will not drop the Rod of Recall.