Lost land of Poosh

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Lost land of Poosh
Guardian Kelad, the One Who Stole Poosh
Floors 2
Level Range 15 to 35
Item Level Range 1 to 5
Size 50x50
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

Lost Land of Poosh is a randomly located bonus zone (you must search the WorldMap for the entrance), recommended for clearing by players, starting from level 16. It has a jungle layout with occasional bodies of water.

The zone is inhabited by all manners of feline critters, fire and nature drakes and time elementals. The boss is Kelad, the One Who Stole Poosh, who looks like the inhabitant of a desert planet. The boss drops the Heart of Poosh, a powerful artifact which gives +2% all damage while carried, and can be activated to reduce equilibrium by 30 (if the user has any), and heals for 50% of the user's max life if they are below 50% life.

The zone has no exit originally; it appears after beating the boss. Note that the zone can only be entered once - the portal will remain on the map, but be inactive.

Zone Specific Artifacts


The lost land of Poosh