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Location Level range
[[In zone::Ardhungol]] 37
A huge spider, shrouded in darkness, with glowing red eyes darting at you. She looks hungry.
Base Statistics
Strength Dexterity Constitution Magic Willpower Cunning
25 69 20 40 40 75
Stat Progress
  • ~2300 life
  • 46 Accuracy
  • 73 damage
  • 17 Armour, 29 defense
  • ~30% resists to fire,cold,lightning,acid and nature
  • ~50% resist to physical
  • 90% resist to poison
  • Talents: Corrosive Vapour, Darkness, Knockback, Lay Web,
Phantasmal Shield, Spit Poison, Web, Infusions x6

Defeating Ungolë unlocks the Sun Paladin class, unlocks the Arachnophobia achievement and completes the Eight legs of wonder quest.