Clan of the Unicorn

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Clan of the Unicorn is a quest in the Embers of Rage campaign. It is started by talking to Metash the Maulotaur in Kruk Pride. The dialogue is different depending on whether or not the player is a Whitehoof themselves.

Nektosh the One-Horned is an elder of the Krimbul Clan of Whitehooves (undead minotaurs). He has acquired an incredible magical force, capable of producing a beam from his horn that can blast a hole all the way through a mountain, and he has gone mad with power. With persuasion and intimidation, he has convinced some of the Krimbul to go along with his plans to conquer Eyal, starting with Kruk Pride. He claims to be descended from unicorns, and so the name of the quest refers to the Krimbul Clan under his rule. The goal of the quest is to defeat Nektosh and thereby stop the attack on Kruk Pride and free the Krimbul Clan.

When the player kills Nektosh in Krimbul Territory, the quest is completed, and the player unlocks Whitehooves as a playable race. There are also several achievements involving Nektosh. Details about them can be found on his page.

In truth, Nektosh has two horns curved into a spiral, making a single cone-shaped "horn". The source of Nektosh's newfound magical force was a wand that he found in a crashed, sunken airship and inserted into his horn. When he discovered that the wand was running out of power, he panicked and tried to stall the conquest, recognizing that he could not win against the steam giants like this. When he heard of the war between the steam giants and the orcs, he decided to attack Kruk Pride in hopes that the steam giants would be grateful and do something to keep his people happy and prevent them from attacking him when they realize he couldn't live up to his outlandish claims.

After completing the quest, the player can talk to Metash about it, although this does not change the state of the quest.