Rak'Shor Cultist

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Rak'Shor Cultist
Humanoid orc rak shor cultist.png
Game Version: 1.7.3
Location Level range
Shadow Crypt 35+
An old orc, wearing black robes. He seems to be responsible for the creation of the shades.
Base Statistics
Strength Dexterity Constitution Magic Willpower Cunning
15 10 14 16 10 42
Stat Progress
mag++ wil+
Staff Mastery (3-5)
Soul Rot (5-7)
Blood Grasp (5-7)
Bone Shield (5-7)
Evasion (5-7)
Virulent Disease (5-7)
Cyst Burst (3-7)
Epidemic (4-7)
Worm Rot (4-7)

3 random Runes
  • Life: 2151 +
  • 100% Instakill Immunity
  • 100% Disease Immunity
  • 100% Confusion Immunity
  • -30% to all Blight damage dealt
  • Wields a staff.

Creates a shade copy of the player when his Bone Shield is broken. The shade has your character's appearance, stats and talents but does 40% less damage. The shade will also gain Willpower equal to its level, and the following talents:

Unnatural Body (5-7)
Relentless (5-7)
Feed Power (5)
Feed Strengths (5)
Dark Tendrils (5)
Willful Strike (5-7)
Reproach (5)
Call Shadows (5)

When the shade dies, you will unlock the Doomed class and the Clone War achievement, and the exit stairs will appear.

If you are playing as a Yeek, the shade will immediately turn on the Cultist and help the player, and after you kill the cultist, then you can talk to the shade, and it will disappear.