The Glass Golem

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The Glass Golem
Glass Golem Base 01.png
Game Version: Forbidden Cults 1.0.12
Location Level range
Illusory Castle 30+
A huge golem-like construct made entirely out of glass.

It seems to be the custodian of the whole castle and likely the key to those nice looking chests around the throne.

Base Statistics
Strength Dexterity Constitution Magic Willpower Cunning
30 10 30 30 30 18
Stat Progress
str++ wil++ con+ dex+
Heavy Armour Training (6+?)
Throw Boulder (4+)
Forge Shield (3+)
Forge Bellows (3+)
Dreamforge (3+)
Arcane Combat (3+)
Flame (3+)
Lightning (3+)
Arcane Feed (3+)
Arcane Destruction (3+)
Glass Splinters (4+)

4 random runes
  • It never casts Flame or Lightning, it only knows them for Arcane Combat.
  • Life: 2302 +
  • Can open doors
  • 100% cut, blind, fear, poison, disease, stoning, and instadeath immunity
  • 30 see invisible power
  • Doesn't need to breathe
  • 20 infravision
  • 2 mana regen
  • Doesn't get random classes, regardless of the difficulty
  • +20% all resist
  • Wields its Hardened Glass Sword. Wears the Helm of Knowledge, massive armor, and metal gloves and boots.

The Glass Golem is the boss of the Illusory Castle, which is reached via Forbidden Tome: "The Illusory Castle". It is found at the end of the main path inside the castle, in its throne room.

When the golem is below 35% of its max life, it will repeatedly try to rush back to the glass throne in the center of the boss room to receive a full heal. If the golem is lured outside the boss room and loses line of sight to the throne, it will just teleport directly back to the throne instead. In order to prevent the golem from healing, one must lure it behind the glass walls in the boss room, so that the golem will bump into these walls as it tries to rush toward the throne. If the golem bumps into a glass wall, it will be Stunned for 3 turns. Alternatively, the player can place a Wormhole on top of the throne, which will send the golem away when it tries to rush there. If the player defeats the Glass Golem without ever letting it use the throne to heal, they will earn the Dethroned achievement.

Defeating the Glass Golem will complete the quest The Impossible Castle, and unlock the 3 locked chests in the boss room. These each contain an artifact (either a random artifact or fixed artifact, 50% chance of either). Unlike golden chests found in other zones, these chests cannot contain enemies.

Defeating the Glass Golem as an Alchemist will unlock the birth option for future Alchemists to start with their own glass golem. Player glass golems will have access to the Glass Splinters talent.