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Artifacts are powerful, unique items. They come in two flavors: Standard Artifacts and Random Artifacts. This page summarizes the Standard Artifacts.

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World Artifacts

Any artifact listed here can be found anywhere in the game, so long as the level and material are allowed in that particular zone.

Artifact Type Power source Level Notes
Eclipse Staff Arcane 10-20
Staff of Destruction Staff Arcane 20-25
Gravitational Staff Staff Arcane 25-33
Sceptre of the Archlich Staff Arcane 30-38 Bonus when equipped by a Ghoul, Skeleton, or Lich; forms a set with Ring of the Archlich
Umbral Razor Dagger Arcane 12-25
Shantiz the Stormblade Dagger Nature 18-33
Dagger of the Past Dagger Arcane 20-30 Forms a set with Sword of Potential Futures
Swordbreaker Dagger A Master 20-30
Moon Dagger Arcane 20-30 Forms a set with Star
Star Dagger Arcane 20-30 Forms a set with Moon
Spelldrinker Dagger Arcane 20-30
Silent Blade Dagger A Master 23-28
Sword of Potential Futures Longsword Arcane 20-30 Forms a set with Dagger of the Past
Corpathus Longsword Unknown Forces 20-30
Morrigor Longsword Arcane,Unknown Forces 20-30
Acera Longsword Arcane 25-35
Everpyre Blade Longsword Nature 28-38
Punae's Blade Longsword A Master 28-38
Twilight's Edge Longsword Arcane 32-42
Anmalice Longsword Psionic Forces,Unknown Forces 30-40
Butcher Longsword Psionic Forces 36-48
Spectral Blade Greatsword Arcane 10-20
Colaryem Greatsword Arcane 16-36
Golden Three-Edged Sword 'The Truth' Greatsword Psionic Forces 25-32
Latafayn Greatsword Arcane 32-40
Borosk's Hate Greatsword A Master 40-50
Champion's Will Greatsword Arcane 40-50
Crooked Club Mace A Master 12-20
Ureslak's Femur Mace Nature 42-50
Tirakai's Maul Greatmaul Arcane 1-30
Spellcrusher Greatmaul Antimagic 10-20 Bonus when worn by Antimagic characters
Unstoppable Mauler Greatmaul A Master 23-30
Obliterator Greatmaul A Master 23-30
Dream Malleus Greatmaul Psionic Forces 25-40 Generated with semi-random properties
Voratun Hammer of the Deep Bellow Greatmaul Arcane 38-50
Razorblade, the Cursed Waraxe Waraxe Psionic Forces 40-50
Crude Iron Battle Axe of Kroll Battleaxe A Master 39-46 Bonus when worn by a Dwarf
Eksatin's Ultimatum Battleaxe A Master 39-46
Stormlash Whip Arcane 6-15
Focus Whip Whip Psionic Forces 18-28
Scorpion's Tail Whip Nature 20-30
Hydra's Bite Whip (2H) Nature 32-40
Skeletal Claw Whip Arcane 40-50
Surefire Longbow A Master 5-15
Merkul's Second Eye Longbow Arcane 20-38
Nithan's Force Sling Arcane 35-50
Hornet Stingers Ammo Nature 10-20
Quiver of the Sun Ammo Arcane 20-40
Quiver of Domination Ammo Psionic Forces 20-40
Void Quiver Ammo Arcane 35-50
The Titan's Quiver Ammo A Master 35-50
Arkul's Siege Arrows Ammo A Master 42-50
Star Shot Ammo Arcane 25-40
Frozen Shards Ammo Arcane 25-40
Pouch of the Subconscious Ammo Psionic Forces 25-40
Wind Worn Shot Ammo Nature 25-40
Serpent's Glare Mindstar Nature 1-10
Bloomsoul Mindstar Nature 10-20
Great Caller Mindstar Nature 20-32
Oozing Heart Mindstar Antimagic 27-34
Amethyst of Sanctuary Mindstar Nature, Psionic Forces 30-38
Eye of the Wyrm Mindstar Nature 30-40
Thermal Focus Mindstar Psionic Forces 30-50
Nexus of the Way Mindstar Psionic Forces 38-50 Bonus when worn by a Yeek, penalty for Halfling
Core of the Forge Mindstar Psionic Forces, Nature 38-50
Eyal's Will Mindstar Antimagic 38-50
Feathersteel Amulet Amulet A Master 5-15
Earthen Beads Amulet Nature 10-20
Shard of Insanity Amulet Psionic Forces 20-32
Unflinching Eye Amulet Arcane 30-40
Frost Lord's Chain Amulet Arcane 40-50
Garkul's Teeth Amulet A Master 40-50 Forms a set with Steel Helm of Garkul
Ring of Growth Ring Nature 6-20
Vargh Redemption Ring Nature 10-20
Elemental Fury Ring Arcane 15-30
Inertial Twine Ring A Master, Psionic Forces 17-28
Ring of the Dead Ring Nature 35-42 Allows resurrection (once)
Ring of the Archlich Ring Arcane 30-40 Forms a set with Sceptre of the Archlich
Mnemonic Ring Psionic Forces 40-50
Ring of the War Master Ring A Master 40-50
Exiler Ring Arcane 40-50
Coral Spray Shield Nature 1-15 Cold cone on Block (30%)
Black Mesh Shield Nature 15-30 Constricts on Block (30%)
Titanic Shield A Master 20-30
Fire Dragon Shield Shield Nature 27-35
Piercing Gaze Shield Arcane 30-40
Temporal Rift Shield Arcane 35-45
Blightstopper Shield Antimagic 36-45 Bonus when worn by Antimagic characters
Shieldsmaiden Shield Arcane 36-48
Summertide Shield Nature 38-50
Eden's Guile Lt Boots A Master 1-20
Wanderer's Rest Lt Boots Psionic Forces 17-28
Cinderfeet Lt Boots Arcane 28-38
Aetherwalk Lt Boots Arcane 30-40
Boots of the Hunter Hv Boots Psionic Forces 30-40
Unbreakable Greaves Hv Boots A Master 40-50
Mighty Girdle Belt A Master 1-25 Forms a set with Snow Giant Wraps
Girdle of the Calm Waters Belt Nature 5-14
Emblem of Evasion Belt A Master 28-38
Girdle of Preservation Belt Nature 45-50
Sludgegrip Gloves Nature 1-10
Crystle's Astral Bindings Gloves Arcane 8-20
Snow Giant Wraps Gloves Nature 15-25 Forms a set with Mighty Girdle
Gloves of the Firm Hand Gloves A Master 17-27
Spellhunt Remnants Gauntlets Antimagic 1-25 Gains power by consuming Arcane artifacts
Storm Bringer's Gauntlets Gauntlets Arcane 25-35
Stone Gauntlets of Harkor'Zun Gauntlets Arcane 26-31
Dakhtun's Gauntlets Gauntlets Arcane 40-50
Fist of the Destroyer Gauntlets Arcane 40-50 Forms a set with Masochism
Hand of the World-Shaper Gauntlets Arcane 40-50
Wrap of Stone Cloak Arcane 8-20
Serpentine Cloak Cloak Nature 20-29
Cloth of Dreams Cloak Psionic Forces 30-40
Ethereal Embrace Cloak Arcane 30-40
Guise of the Hated Cloak Psionic Forces 40-50
Ureslak's Molted Scales Cloak Nature 40-50
Radiance Cloak Arcane 45-50
Cloud Caller Cap Nature  ?
Eye of the Forest Cap Nature 24-32
The Face of Fear Cap Unknown Forces 24-32
Malslek the Accursed's Hat Cap Arcane 30-40
Omniscience Cap Psionic Forces 40-50
Helm of the Dwarven Emperors Helm A Master 20-28 Bonus when worn by a Dwarf
Crown of Command Helm A Master 20-35 Bonus when worn by Halflings
Decayed Visage Helm Arcane 24-32 Generated with semi-random properties
Yaldan Baoth Helm A Master 28-39
Corrupted Gaze Helm Arcane 28-40
Dragon-helm of Kroltar Helm A Master 37-45 Forms a set with Scale Mail of Kroltar
Silk Current Cloth Arcane 1-15
Vestments of the Conclave Cloth Arcane 12-22 Bonus when worn by human
Robe of Force Cloth Psionic Forces 20-28
Spider-Silk Robe of Spydrë Cloth Nature 20-30
Firewalker Cloth Arcane 20-30
Robe of the Archmage Cloth Arcane 30-40
Temporal Augmentation Robe - Designed In-Style Cloth Arcane 30-40
The Calm Cloth Arcane 30-40
Evermoss Robe Cloth Nature 30-42
Crimson Robe Cloth Psionic Forces 40-50
Skin of Many Lt Armor A Master 12-22 Bonus when worn by Undead characters
Behemoth Hide Lt Armor A Master 18-23
The Untouchable Lt Armor Arcane 20-30 Shields player from damage after receiving strong blow
Rogue Plight Lt Armor A Master 25-40
Death's Embrace Lt Armor Arcane 40-50
Breath of Eyal Lt Armor Antimagic 40-50 Bonus when worn by Antimagic characters
Masochism Lt Armor Arcane 40-50 Forms a set with Fist of the Destroyer
Iron Mail of Bloodletting Hv Armor Arcane 15-25
Scale Mail of Kroltar Hv Armor Nature 38-45 Forms a set with Dragon-helm of Kroltar
Tarrasca Msv Armor A Master 30-40
Cuirass of the Thronesmen Msv Armor A Master 35-40
Plate of the Blackened Mind Msv Armor Psionic Forces 40-50
Cuirass of the Dark Lord Msv Armor Arcane 40-50
Mummified Egg-sac of Ungolë Misc Nature 20-35 -2 Lite radius when carried
Pick of Dwarven Emperors Digger A Master 40-50 Bonus when worn by a Dwarf
Telekinetic Core Tool Psionic Forces 5-20
Lightbringer's Wand Tool Arcane 20-30
Fortune's Eye Tool A Master 28-40
Honeywood Chalice Tool Nature 30-40
Eternity's Counter Tool Arcane 35-40
The Guardian's Totem Tool Antimagic 40-50
Void Shard Tool Arcane 40-50
Tree of Life Tool Nature 40-50 Adds particle effect
Prothotipe's Prismatic Eye Gem Arcane 18-30
Windborn Azurite Gem Arcane 18-40
Burning Star Gem Arcane 20-30 +1 Lite radius when carried
Summertide Phial Lite Nature 1-10
Umbraphage Lite Psionic Forces 20-30 Permanently lights all tiles in line of sight (range 10) every turn
Spectral Cage Lite Arcane 20-30
Dúathedlen Heart Lite Arcane 30-40
Blood of Life Potion Nature 1-50 Must be drank before dying
Primal Infusion Infusion Nature 15-40

Maj'Eyal World Artifacts

These may be found only in Maj'Eyal zones.

Artifact Type Power source Level Notes
Penitence Staff Arcane 10-18
Bolbum's Big Knocker Staff Arcane 20-35
Staff of Arcane Supremacy Staff Arcane 20-40 Forms a set with Hat of Arcane Understanding
Lost Staff of Archmage Tarelion Staff Arcane 37-50
Voice of Telos Staff Arcane - Created by Telos's Staff Crystal
Spellblaze Shard Dagger Arcane 12-25
Mercy Dagger Psionic Forces 30-40
Orc Feller Dagger A Master 40-50
Witch-Bane Longsword Antimagic 38-50 Bonus when worn by Antimagic characters
Spellblade Longsword Arcane 40-45
Genocide Greatsword Nature 25-35
Nature's Vengeance Mace Antimagic 20-34
Blood-Letter Waraxe Nature 25-35
Drake's Bane Battleaxe A Master 20-35
Thaloren-Tree Longbow Longbow Nature 40-50
Corpsebow Longbow Arcane 10-20
Eldoral Last Resort Sling A Master 15-25
Mirror Shards Amulet Arcane 18-30
Daneth's Neckguard Amulet A Master 20-30 Bonus when worn by Halflings
Spellblaze Echoes Amulet Arcane 30-39
Rope Belt of the Thaloren Belt Nature 20-30 Bonus when worn by Thaloren
Neira's Memory Belt Arcane 20-30
Fists of the Desert Scorpion Gauntlets Psionic Forces, A Master 20-40
Wind's Whisper Cloak Arcane 15-25
Destala's Scales Cloak Nature 20-30
Hat of Arcane Understanding Cap Arcane 20-40 Forms a set with Staff of Arcane Supremacy
Nature's Blessing Lt Armor Antimagic 15-30 Bonus when worn by Antimagic characters
Thalore-Wood Cuirass Msv Armor Nature 8-22 Bonus when worn by Thaloren
Plate Armor of the King Msv Armor A Master 45-50
Gwai's Burninator Rod Arcane 25-35
Telos's Staff Crystal Gem Arcane 35-45 +2 Lite radius when carried
Guidance Lite Antimagic 38-50 Bonus when worn by an Antimagic actor

Far East World Artifacts

These may be found only in Far East zones.

Artifact Type Power source Level Notes
Rod of Sarrilon Staff Unknown Forces 37-50
Mandible of Ungolmor Dagger Nature 40-50
Kinetic Spike Dagger Psionic Forces 42-50
Blood-Edge Longsword Arcane 35-42
Dawn's Blade Longsword Arcane 35-42 Forms a set with Unsetting Sun
Pendent of the Sun and Moons Amulet Arcane 35-45
Unsetting Sun Shield Arcane 35-45 Forms a set with Dawn's Blade
Scorched Boots Boots Arcane 30-40
Threads of Fate Cloak Arcane 45-50
Ancient Tome titled 'Gems and their uses' Scroll - 30-40 Starts Lost Knowledge quest
Goedalath Rock Gem Arcane 42-50 Negative Life regen when carried
Zemekkys' Broken Hourglass Amulet Arcane 30-40

Boss Artifacts

Some bosses are associated with certain artifacts. When these bosses die, they have a fixed chance to drop their associated artifact, if it has not already been generated, and otherwise drop a random artifact.

Maj'Eyal Boss Artifacts

Dropped by Maj'Eyal Bosses

Artifact Type Power source Level Dropped by
Wintertide Longsword Arcane 35-45 Greater Mummy Lord (25%)
Wintertide Phial Lite Arcane 1-10 Half-Finished Bone Giant (25%)
Frost Treads Boots Nature 10-18 Rantha the Worm (25%)
Dragonskull Helm Helm A Master 45-50 Massok the Dragonslayer (25%)
Eel-skin armour Lt Armor Nature 5-12 Murgol, the Yaech Lord (35%)
Nightsong Ring Psionic Forces 15-23 Subject Z (35%)
Steel Helm of Garkul Helm Nature 12-22 Minotaur of the Labyrinth (25%)
Lunar Shield Shield Arcane 40-50 Nimisil (25%)
Wrathroot's Barkwood Shield Nature 12-22 Wrathroot (25%)
Petrified Wood Gem Nature 35-45 Snaproot (25%)
Crystal Shard Staff Arcane 10-22 Shardskin (25%)
Malediction Waraxe Arcane 35-45 Lithfengel (25%)
Kor's Fall Staff Arcane 1-10 The Shade (25%)
Vox Amulet Arcane 40-50 Kor's Fury (25%)
Telos's Staff (Top Half) Staff Arcane 40-50 The Shade of Telos (25%)
Choker of Dread Amulet Arcane 20-28 The Master (25%)
Runed Skull Gem Arcane 40-50 Pale Drake (25%)
Bill's Tree Trunk Greatmaul A Master 1-10 Bill the Stone Troll (25%)
Sanguine Shield Shield A Master 35-45 Aluin the Fallen (35%)
Flamewrought Gloves Nature 5-12 Ritch Great Hive Mother (25%)
Crystal Focus Gem Arcane 5-12 Spellblaze Crystal (25%)
Crystal Heart Gem Arcane 35-42 Spellblaze Simulacrum (25%)
Rod of Annulment Rod Arcane 5-12 Rhaloren Inquisitor (25%)
Skullcleaver Waraxe Arcane 5-12 Brotoq the Reaver (25%)
Tooth of the Mouth Digger Unknown Forces 5-12 The Mouth (65%)
The Warped Boots Boots Unknown Forces 35-45 The Abomination (25%)
Withering Orbs Amulet Psionic Forces 5-12 The Withering Thing (25%)
Borfast's Cage Msv Armor A Master 20-28 Borfast the Broken (25%)
Aletta's Diadem Cap Psionic Forces 20-28 Aletta Soultorn (25%)
Hare-Skin Sling Sling Nature 20-28 Filio Flightfond (100%)
Prox's Lucky Halfling Foot Tool Arcane 5-12 Prox the Mighty (30%)
Psionic Fury Mindstar Psionic Forces 24-32 Mindworm (25%)
Storm Bringer's Gauntlets Gauntlets Arcane 25-35 Horned Horror (25%)
River's Fury Trident Arcane 1-10 Lady Nashva the Streambender (35%)
Unerring Scalpel Dagger Arcane 1-12 The Possessed (25%)
Wyrmbreath Gloves Nature 12-22 Varsha the Writhing (25%)
Eye of the Dreaming One Tool Psionic Forces 1-10 The Dreaming One (25%)
Epoch's Curve Longbow Arcane 15-25 Epoch (100%)

Far East Boss Artifacts

Dropped by Far East Bosses

Artifact Type Power source Level Dropped by
Life Drinker Dagger Arcane 40-50 Rak'Shor Cultist (100%)
Trident of the Tides Trident Nature 30-40 Ukllmswwik the Wise (100%)
Fiery Choker Amulet Arcane 32-42 Fyrk, Faeros High Guard (25%)
Chromatic Harness Hv Armor Nature 40-50 Gorbat, Supreme Wyrmic of the Pride (25%)
Glory of the Pride Ring A Master 40-50 Grushnak, Battlemaster of the Pride (25%)
Black Robe Cloth Arcane 40-50 Rak'shor, Grand Necromancer (25%)
Crown of the Elements Cap Arcane 40-50 Vor, the Grand Geomancer (25%)
Warmaster Gnarg's Murderblade Greatsword A Master 35-45 Warmaster Gnarg (25%)
Whip of Urh'Rok Whip Arcane 40-50 Corrupted Daelach (25%)
Storm Fury Longbow Arcane 40-50 Arch Zephyr (50%)
Frozen Shroud Cloak Arcane 40-50 Glacial Legion (50%)
Blighted Maul Greatmaul Arcane 40-50 Rotting Titan (50%)
Molten Skin Lt Armor Arcane 40-50 Heavy Sentinel (50%)
Void Orb Ring Arcane 40-50 Void Spectre (50%)

Other Boss Artifacts

Dropped by Unique enemies

Artifact Type Power source Level Dropped by
Rungof's Fang Misc Nature 20-35 Rungof the Warg Titan (100%)
Khulmanar's Wrath Battleaxe Arcane 37-50 Khulmanar, General of Urh'Rok (70%)
The Bladed Rift Tool Arcane 30-50 Ak'Gishil (100%)
Blade of Distorted Time Longsword Arcane 30-50 Distorted Animated Sword (100%)
Rune of Reflection Rune Arcane 5-15 Forest Troll Hedge-Wizard (50%)
The Gaping Maw Battleaxe Nature
38-50 Kra'Tor the Gluttonous (25%)

Zone Artifacts

Artifacts that can never be found outside of a specific zone.

Artifact Type Power source Level Notes
Void Star Lite Arcane 1-10
Bindings of Eternal Night Mummy Wrap Arcane 1-50
Crown of Eternal Night Cap Arcane 1-50
Rod of Spydric Poison Rod - - Dropped by Ungolë
Cloak of Deception Cloak Arcane - Dropped by Necromancer (boss)
Writhing Essence of Nightmares Mindstar Psionic Forces 20-32 Defined within Dark Crypt
Shifting Boots Boots Arcane - Dropped by Draebor, the Imp
Atamathon's Ruby Eye Gem - - Dropped by Corrupted Sand Wyrm
Atamathon's Ruby Eye (activated) Gem - - Dropped by Atamathon the Giant Golem
Yeek-fur Robe Cloth - 12-22 Defined within Ruined Halfling Complex
Pearl of Life and Death Gem - - Dropped by Argoniel
Iron Acorn (basic) Misc - - From Tranquil Meadow
Iron Acorn (good) Misc - - From Tranquil Meadow
Cold Iron Acorn Misc - - From Tranquil Meadow
Bloodcaller Ring Psionic Forces - From Hidden Compound
Robes of Deflection Cloth Arcane 1-10 Dropped by Lady Zoisla the Tidebringer
Telos's Staff (Bottom Half) Staff Arcane - Dropped by The Shade of Telos
Eldritch Pearl Lite Arcane - Dropped by Slasul
Legacy of the Naloren Trident - 40-50 Conferred by Slasul with Legacy of the Naloren prodigy
Tome of Wildfire Scroll Arcane 35-45 Defined within Vor Pride
Tome of Uttercold Scroll Arcane 35-45 Defined within Vor Pride

Quest/Special Artifacts

Artifact Type Power source Level Notes
Staff of Absorption Staff Arcane 30-60 Dropped by The Master in Dreadfell only
Awakened Staff of Absorption Staff Arcane 75+ Dropped by Elandar
Orb of Many Ways Misc - 30-30 Dropped by Golbug the Destroyer
Orb of Undeath (Orb of Command) Misc - 50-50 Dropped by Rak'Shor, Grand Necromancer of the Pride
Dragon Orb (Orb of Command) Misc - 50-50 Dropped by Gorbat, Supreme Wyrmic of the Pride
Elemental Orb (Orb of Command) Misc - 50-50 Dropped by Vor, Grand Geomancer of the Pride
Orb of Destruction (Orb of Command) Misc - 50-50 Dropped by Grushnak, Battlemaster of the Pride
Scrying Orb Misc - - Conferred at birth to Human, Dwarf, Halfling or Elf races
Rod of Recall Rod - - Dropped by the first boss killed
Transmogrification Chest Misc - - Conferred at birth once unlocked
Telos Spire of Power Staff Arcane 37-50 Assembled with Secrets of Telos prodigy
Crown of Burning Pain Cap Arcane 20-35 Dropped by Shasshhiy'Kaish
Heart of Poosh Misc Nature 20-35 Dropped by Kelad, the One Who Stole Poosh

Alchemist Quest Artifacts

Alchemist Artifact Effect
Stire of Derth Elixir of the Fox +3 Cunning, +3 Dexterity
Elixir of Avoidance +6 Defense, +6 Ranged Defense
Elixir of Precision +4% Physical Crit chance
Lifebinding Emerald Gem: may wield (Mindslayer) or imbue
Marus of Elvala Elixir of Mysticism +3 Magic, +3 Willpower
Elixir of the Savior +4 to all saving throws
Elixir of Mastery +4 Stat points
Elixir of Invulnerability Potion: invulnerability for 5 turns
Ungrol of Last Hope Elixir of Brawn +3 Strength, +3 Constitution
Elixir of Stoneskin +4 Armour
Elixir of Foundations +2 Generic Talent points
Taint of Telepathy Inscription: 5 duration, 15 cooldown
Agrimley the Hermit Elixir of Explosive Force +4% Spell Crit chance
Elixir of Serendipity +5 Luck
Elixir of Focus +2 Class Talent points
Infusion of Wild Growth Inscription: 5 duration, 15 cooldown

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