Borfast the Broken

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Borfast the Broken
Undead ghoul borfast the broken.png
Game Version: 1.7.3
Location Level range
Dreadfell 20+

Thick skin hangs loosely from this short, shambling form.

Tufts of hair sticking out from its chin give evidence of a once magnificent dwarven beard.

Half its face seems to have been seared in acid at some point,

the flesh melted away from the skull and an eyeball drooping low from its socket.

There is a unique sadness to its eyes, and a slump of resignation to its gait.

What proud hero of renown was this before he was condemned to such a terrible fate?

Base Statistics
Strength Dexterity Constitution Magic Willpower Cunning
30 20 30 10 10 10
Stat Progress
str+ con++

Can spawn in Dreadfell.


  • Borfast's Cage (25% chance)
    • If not, a random unique item
  • 1 random high-quality item.
  • His mace and shield.
  • Lore: a letter to Borfast from the Master