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Lich refers to:

Lore, Dust to Dust

Hate made flesh. Evil made pure. Death incarnate. The culmination of a necromancer's work. Whatever you know liches as, I can tell you that they do not match the countless myths and legends that surround their terrible figures. They surpass them.

Once a powerful necromancer finally crosses the border between life and death, the abyssal power that they could only initially grasp in dribs and drabs becomes theirs to control totally. It is often said that unexpected quakes, crops failing, and the leaves simultaneously falling from the trees heralds the birth of a lich. Lords of the undead, liches can annihilate ghouls and skeletons, banish dreads with a glance, and reduce bone giants to powder within moments.

As to how to actually destroy one? Well, tell you what. If you manage to defeat one of these abominations, be a dear and write a guide for me, for I have absolutely, positively, no idea.