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Some artifacts and mindstars, when wielded with each other, form special sets with improved powers.

This list may be incomplete or incorrect:

Star (dagger) and Moon (dagger)

Adds light radius 1, +10 light damage, 10% chance of blinding on hit to Star and +15% light damage.
Adds light radius 1, +10 darkness damage, 10% chance of confusion on hit to Moon and 15% darkness damage.

Sword of Potential Futures (longsword) and Dagger of the Past (dagger)

Adds +10 physical damage, +5 temporal damage, and 10% chance to reduce target's resistances (Flawed Design level 3, power 20)(?) on hit to the Sword.
Adds +10 physical damage, +5 temporal damage, 15% temporal resistance penetration, and 10% chance to cast Turn Back the Clock (level 3, power 10)(?) on hit to the Dagger.

Steel Helm of Garkul (hat) and Garkul's Teeth (amulet)

Adds 5% chance to summon an orc spirit when wearer hits (melee) to the helm.
Adds die at -100 HP to the amulet.

Telos's Staff Crystal (gem), Telos's Staff (Top Half) and Telos's Staff (Bottom Half)

Adds +10% cooldown reduction and 50 draining blight damage on hit to the crystal.
Changes the golems name to Telos Golem, making it a reluctant follower and making direct control out of line of sight harder.

This requires you to wield the Crystal making this almost unattainable by anyone else than the golem.

Crystalline weapon and Crystalline armor (made from Crystal Focus and Crystal Heart)

Adds 10% chance of Manathrust (level 3) on spell hit(?), 10% chance of Manathrust (level 3) on melee hit(?), +10% spell and physical critical chances, +20% arcane resistance penetration, and +15% physical resistance penetration to the weapon.
Adds 50% stun immunity and 50% blindness immunity to the armor.

Dragon-helm of Kroltar (hat) and Scale Mail of Kroltar (heavy armor)

Adds +14 luck and +15 spell/mental/physical saves to the helm.
Adds 120 max Life, -8% fatigue and +10 defense to the armor.

Snow Giant Wraps (gloves) and Mighty Girdle (belt)

Adds +10 physical power and 10 physical save to the gloves.
Adds +60 max Life (total +100), +2 size category and -10% fatigue to the belt.

Staff of Arcane Supremacy (staff) and Hat of Arcane Understanding (hat)

Adds 100 max Mana to the staff.
Adds Metaflow talent (level 3, power 40)(?) to the hat.

Bindings of Eternal Night (mummy armor) and Crown of Eternal Night (hat)

Adds activated talent Abyssal Shroud at 2.0 (costing 28 out of 80 power) to the armor.
Adds +10 Cunning, 40 darkness damage when wearer hits in melee, changes damage: +20% darkness, spell saves +15, mental saves +15, confusion immunity +30%, knockback immunity +30%, light radius -1, and adds activated ability Retch, at 2.0 (costing 28 power out of 80) to the hat.

Sceptre of the Archlich (staff) and Ring of the Archlich (ring)

Adds +5% darkness resistance (+15% total), +14% darkness damage (+24% total), +10 spellpower (+18 total) and activated talent Impending Doom at 2.6 (costing 40 out of 40 power) to the ring.
Adds nothing to the staff.

Un'fezan's Cap (hat) and Temporal Augmentation Robe - Designed In-Style (cloth)

Adds 20% reduce paradox anomalies (?), +40% confusion immunity, +10% spell speed, and +10% temporal damage to the hat.
Adds nothing to the robe.

Masochism (light armor) and Fist of the Destroyer (gloves)

Adds +3% Demon Blood defense (?), +15% resist fire, +15% resist darkness, and +5% resist all to the armor.
Adds +2% Demon Blood damage (?), +15% fire damage, +15% darkness damage, and +5% all damage to the gloves.

Dawn's Blade (longsword) and Unsetting Sun (shield)

Adds +15 light damage on hit, +15 fire damage on hit, +12% light damage, and +10% fire damage to the sword.
Adds +0.25 life regen and +1 light radius to the shield.

Thermal Focus (mindstar) Kinetic Focus (mindstar) and Charged Focus (mindstar)

Adds 10% Resistance, 10% Damage, and 0.1 Mastery of the elemental Mastery corresponding to each mindstar to each mindstar.
Adds Psi when firing a critical mind attack to each mindstar.
Wielding all 3 using Beyond The Flesh may add additional bonuses.

Eye of Summer (mindstar) and Eye of Winter (mindstar)

Changes -10% Cold/Fire Resistance penalties to +10% Cold/Fire Resistance bonuses.
Improves Mindpower bonus on each mindstar from +8 to +12.

The Obsidian Treasures (an Arcane set of many items, listed next, that have a stacking buff of "Shadow Power")

The Black Plate ... +10 Shadow Power, +Physical power equal to Shadow Power
The Black Crown ... +5 Shadow Power, +Saves (all) equal to Shadow Power
The Black Core (amulet) ... +5 Shadow Power, +Spellpower equal to Shadow Power
The Black Boots ... +5 Shadow Power, +Movement speed by 2.5% per Shadow Power
The Black Ring ... +5 Shadow Power, +Spell Crit equal to half of your Shadow Power
The Black Maul (2H) ... +10 Shadow Power, +Damage (all) by 1% per Shadow Power
The Black Spike (1H) ... +5 Shadow Power, +Damage penetration (all) by 1% per Shadow Power
The Black Wall (Shield) ... +5 Shadow Power, +Resist (all) by 0.4% per Shadow Power (Damage type: Darkness)
(for a discussion on the combined set bonuses + individual item bonuses, see this forums thread)

Ureslak's Femur (mace) and Ureslak's Molted Scales (cloak)

Changes arcane resistance/cap for the cloak to -15% (from -30%).
The cloak also gives -1.00 equilibrium each turn.

Steam Powered Armor Set (A Steampowered set. Most parts are found, though the armor can only be crafted in Embers of Rage)

Power Armor, Steam Powered Helm, Steam Powered Boots, Steam Powered Gauntlets
Adds +22 phys. power, +22 steam power and +5 max steam to the armor
Adds 50% blindness immunity to the helmet.
Adds 50% pinning immunity and 4 steam generated on move to the boots
Adds 50% Disarm immunity to the gauntlets.

Perseverance (longsword) and Dedication(mace)

Adds usable Whirlwind level 2 on Perseverance
Adds Dual Weapon Defense level 2 on Dedication

NOTE: For mindstar sets, please see mindstars.