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Horror eldritch ak gishil.png
Game Version: 1.7.3
Location Level range
random 30+

This Blade Horror has been infused with intense temporal magic, causing its power to increase dramatically.
Rifts in space open around it constantly, summoning and banishing blades before vanishing as quickly as they appear.

Base Statistics
Strength Dexterity Constitution Magic Willpower Cunning
20 20 20 20 20 20
Stat Progress
wil++ cun+

Rarely spawns where horrors can be found. Starts with zero blade minions spawned. Each time Ak'Gishil acts, if it has less than 4 blade minions alive, it has a random chance to use Animate Blade with talent level 1, which summons an Animated Sword. The chance is 28/(current number of blades + 1)%. There is a 3% chance to summon a Distorted Animated Sword instead of an Animated Sword, but Ak'Gishil can only ever summon 1 Distorted Animated Sword. The summons last for 1000 turns, but disappear when Ak'Gishil dies.

Drops: Bladed Rift (75% chance)