The Arena: Challenge of the Master

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The Arena: Challenge of the Master is a campaign included in the base game of Tales of Maj'Eyal. It must be unlocked by completing the quest The agent of the arena in the Age of Ascendancy campaign.

In-Game Locked Description

Blood spilled on sand, only the strong survive. Prove yourself worthy to enter.

In-Game Description

Play as a lone warrior facing the Arena's challenge!
You can use any class and race for it.
See how far you can go! Can you become the new Master of the Arena?
If so, you will battle your own champion next time!

Playable Characters

All races and classes are playable in this campaign.

This campaign can only be played on Roguelike permadeath.


This campaign is set in The Arena. The player must defeat waves of enemies, which include fixed bosses. At the start of the campaign, the player can choose whether to face 30 waves of enemies, or the full 60 waves.

There is a single store available in The Arena. It appears at the start of the game, and after defeating each boss (except the final boss).

No form of resurrection can be used in this campaign.

The final boss is the Master of the Arena. If the player has an eligible previous winning character, that character will be reused as the final boss. If not, the default Master, Rej Arkatis, will be the final boss. There can be 2 previous winners stored: 1 for 30 waves, and 1 for 60 waves. A previous winner will be eligible if they had the same version of ToME, same set of addons, and same number of waves as the current character.

TODO: Other mechanics