Beneath the Tides

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Beneath the Tides has not been released yet
This content is expected to be released in an announced future update or DLC.

Beneath the Tides (tentative title) is the upcoming fifth expansion for Tales of Maj’Eyal, planned to release after the upcoming fourth expansion, The Lost Land.

Official Announcement

Now Lost Land is all well and dandy, but I do know I took far too long to make it; sure the world was hit some covid and all, but still I recognize my shortcomings, and it could and should have come sooner. Now, to avoid making the same mistake twice, I contacted the good Recaiden, a well-known and respected ToME modder, and asked to partner with him to start building the next expansion already! And he agreed! This way, the next expansion will already be well underway when LL is fully out, and since I'm not the only one on the project, on the coding side, I won't be able to slack off as much! :)

So it's with great pleasure that I announce that development has started on Beneath the Tides (title may or may not change), an expansion that will bring you over and under the vast oceans of Eyal and ... beyond!

Without spoiling too much, I can tell that you'll be able to play either nagas (of the Vargh Republic) or trolls (of the Kar'Haïb Dominion) and pirate your way to treasures and glory! Well, at least until some unexpected event propels you into an epic adventure! Prepare to encounter weird new threats but also some that ring closer to home...