The Lost Land

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The Lost Land has not been released yet
This content is expected to be released in an announced future update or DLC.

The Lost Land is the upcoming fourth expansion for Tales of Maj’Eyal.

It will introduce a new campaign. This will be a "half-campaign", where the player will start on Tar'Eyal and it will replace the first half of the Age of Ascendancy campaign.

It has been announced that, unlike previous DLC, The Lost Land will have an open beta. The start of the beta has not been announced yet.

Official Beta Description

As I was saying, I'm finally ready to speak more about Lost Land. It's now in a rather usable state but it is a very big thing and as such, I've decided that I'd do an open beta / early access for it for once!

The current plan is that such a beta would come soon and be available on (worry not steam and gog people, you can use stuff from directly too). Now, what is soon? I'm not sure, but I can tell you a bit about what will be inside!

  • 6 new races, two of which have further minor variants:
    • Risen (Human / Halfling), a form of perfect undeath, unique to the Empire
    • Vampire, need I say more?
    • Atroren, elven undeads with .. peculiarities
    • Reptilian Saupur, lizard-like humanoids
    • Draconic Saurpur, lizard-dragon-like humanoids
    • Vessel (Gold / Bone / Steel / Crystal,) a kind of undead construct to house the soul of those whose bodies are beyond repair
  • 3 new evolutions:
    • Exarch, a powerful undead servant of the Empire, on the same power-level lore-wise as a Lich
    • Ancestral Host, a Saurpur that merged with a core-seed to become treant-like and protect the Imperium
    • Psi-ghosts, Solipsists that fully shed their physical bodies, solely existing as beings of pure psionic power
  • 3 new classes:
    • Dust-mage, a kind of mage specialized in using sand and stone
    • Graverobber, a rogue that learns some necromancy and ice magic to facilitate their .. activities
    • Praetor, an elite soldier of the Empire, with command over the imperial legions
  • 22 new zones, and the overworld map of Tar'Eyal itself, to explore and, most likely, die in! Some with rather unique gameplay or setting... Did you know you wanted a zone where you ride a giant dragonfly in its mad flight over the continent to tame it? Now you do!
  • A new campaign that replaces all the first half of the base game campaign and ties into the second half.
  • A way to become permanently mind controlled by a sentient fungus!
  • Many new creatures: ghosts, scorpions, antlions, some demons and many more and obviously for a game called Lost Land:
  • The usual new artifacts, lore, music and so on. But also new visuals for many existing items! An iron sword is an iron sword, but it will look different!

Now being a beta, it is not complete. Some unlocks will be missing; many texts will be too. Some/lots of placeholder gfx will exist; if you are lucky, you may even have a glimpse at my fantastic hand-drawn art (yes, you can start being very afraid now)! And obviously, balance will be atrocious, and the whole thing will be riddled with bugs (and I'm not talking about ritches here!).

Stay tuned for another post announcing the actual opening of the beta!