Lost Land campaign

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Lost Land campaign has not been released yet
This content is expected to be released in an announced future update or DLC.

The upcoming DLC The Lost Land will include a new campaign for Tales of Maj'Eyal.

Playable Characters

The new races introduced in The Lost Land are playable: Sholtar (a new race of humans), a new race of halflings, Risen (human and halfling versions), Vessel (multiple materials), Vampires, and Saurpur (reptilian and draconic versions). In addition, the following existing races are playable: Cornac, Halfling, Skeleton, and Ghoul.

All classes are playable in this campaign.


This campaign will be a "half-campaign", where the player will start on Tar'Eyal and it will replace the first half of the Age of Ascendancy campaign, before tying into the second half of the Age of Ascendancy campaign when travelling to Var'Eyal.