Destroyer (talent)

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Game Version -
Category Type Corruption
Category Wrath
Requirements Level (22,23,24,25,26) Str (46,48,50,52,54)
Use Mode Activated
Cost 38 Vim
Range 10
Cooldown 30
Travel Speed Instantaneous
Use Speed Instant
Description Your body overflows with the power of the Fearscape, turning you into a powerful demon for 4–7cTS turns. This increases your stamina regen and physical power by 8-12, and your disarm and stun immunity by 20-30%.

The physical power, stamina regen, and status resistances increase with your spellpower.

Your other talents also gain a variety of bonuses: -Draining Assault: Reduces the cooldown by 1–2cTS. -Reckless Strike: Gain 10–50cTS% resistance penetration to all elements for 4–6cTS turns. -Obliterating Smash: Increases range by 1–2cTS. -Abduction: If it hits, get an additional 1–3cTS attack(s) at 35% weapon damage -Incinerating Blows: Increases the chance of bonus damage to 35–75cTS%. -Fearfeast: Gain 0.4–2.0cTS vim per stack. -Maw of Urh'rok: Increases cone width by 10–50cTS degrees.