Detonate (talent)

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Game Version -
Category Type Wild-Gift
Category Summoning (Augmentation)
Requirements Level (4,5,6,7,8) Willpower (20,22,24,26,28)
Use Mode Activated
Cost 5 Equilibrium
Range 10
Cooldown 25
Travel Speed Instantaneous
Use Speed -
Description Destroys one of your summons, making it detonate in radius of 4–8cTS:raw.
  • Ritch Flamespitter: Explodes into a fireball that burns for [30]300cTMD damage
  • Hydra: Explodes into a ball of lightning, acid or poison that deals [30]300cTMD damage
  • Rimebark: Explodes into an iceball that deals [30]300cTMD damage with a 25% chance to freeze
  • Fire Drake: Generates a cloud of fire that deals [10]70cTMD fire damage per turn for 6 turns
  • War Hound: Explodes into a ball of [30]250cTMD physical damage
  • Jelly: Explodes into a ball of slime that deals [30]200cTMD nature damage and slows by 15% for 3 turns
  • Minotaur: Explodes into a sharp ball, cutting all creatures for [30]350cTMD bleed damage
  • Stone Golem: Knocks back all creatures by 4 tiles, pushing them off balance and dealing [30]150cTMD damage
  • Turtle: Grants a small shell shield to all friendly creatures that increases all resistance by [10]35%cTMD for 4 turns
  • Spider: Pins all foes around for 3 turns

In addition, a random summon will come off cooldown.

Hostile effects will not hit you or your other summons.