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Guardian None
Floors 1
Level Range 1 to 15
Item Level Range 1 to 2
Size  ?x?
Zone Effect none

Irkkk is the starting zone for the Yeek race. A paradise of tropical trees and flowers, it sits on the western edge of the Island of Rel, south of the western continent of Maj'Eyal. The yeeks live in simple wood shelters.

The island has exits to Murgol's Lair and the Ritches Tunnels along with a tunnel to Maj'Eyal (which emerges under the Ruined Halfling Complex).


  • One handed weapons crafter (daggers, swords, slings, axes, mindstars)
  • Two hander weapons crafter (battleaxe, greatsword, staff)
  • Tailor (belt, cloak, cloth)
  • Gem crafter (gems)
  • Tanner (belt, gloves, shoes, leather armor)
  • Natural infusions (infusions)