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The following may be out of date.


The Marauder is a highly mobile Rogue subclass, adept in dual-weapon physical combat. The primary difference compared to a Rogue is the substitution of some mobility and combat-augmentation trees in place of Lethality, traps and stealth.

(Note: the absence of Lethality means that their starting daggers actually use Strength and Dexterity instead of Cunning and Dexterity. This takes some getting used to.)

The class is designed with the goal of using a full sized one-handed weapon (longsword, mace, waraxe) and one dagger. Maxing out Weapon Mastery and putting no points into dagger mastery is generally more damage than focusing on using two daggers, due to the higher base damage and stat scaling on one-handed weapons.

You also have a talent (Mobile Defence) that gives armor hardiness while wearing light armor, but since you're not using Stealth, it seems silly not to wear heavy armor in the first place. The bonuses for heavy/massive armor are better, and you can invest your Generic talent points in other places.