Master artificer (talent)

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Master Artificer
Master artificer.png
Game Version 1.5.2
Category Type Cunning
Category Artifice
Requirements Level (22,23,24,25,26) Cunning (46,48,50,52,54)
Use Mode Activated
Cost -
Range Melee/Personal
Cooldown 10
Travel Speed Instantaneous
Use Speed Standard
Description You become a master of your craft, allowing you to focus on a single tool to greatly improve its capabilities:

Dart Launcher:
Your darts ignore poison and sleep immunity and waking targets are slows by 15–40%cTL:50% for 4 turns.
Grants Dart Launcher Mastery.

Your Smokescreen is infused with chokedust. Enemies in the smoke take 30+[10]150cTStD:Cun nature damage and may be silenced.
Grants Smokescreen Mastery.

Grappling Hook:
Your grappling hook deals 100–190%cTWD unarmed damage when it hits, plus further 30 + [15]200cTStD:Cun physical and 30 + [15]200cTStD:Cun nature damage over 4 turns.
Grants Grappling Hook Mastery.

Hidden Blades:
You prime your Hidden Blades to cause bleeding and facilitate the Assassinate ability, which allows you to strike twice for 180–300%cTWD unarmed damage, hitting automatically while ignoring armor and resistance.
Grants Assassinate.

Rogue's Brew:
Your Rogue's Brew fortifies you for 8 turns, preventing you from dying until you reach -100–600cTS life.
Grants Rogue's Brew Mastery

The effects depend on this talent's level.
Mastering a new tool places it (and its special effects, as appropriate) on cooldown.

NOTE: This talent works by adding bonus talents; having the original talents are required for the bonuses to work.