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Item materials have no other function in game than to indicate the item tier.

Tier Metal Leather Jewelry Wood Cloth Mindstars Tridents Lites
1 Iron Rough Leather Copper Elm Linen Mossy Coral Brass
2 Steel Cured Leather Steel Ash Wool(len) Vined Blue-steel
3 Dwarven-steel Hardened Leather Gold Yew Cashmere Thorny Deep-steel Alchemist
4 Stralite Reinforced Leather Stralite Elven-wood Silk Pulsing Orite
5 Voratun Drakeskin Leather Voratun Dragon-bone Elven-silk Living Orichalcum Dwarven

Tier is the first factor in determining an item's abilities. Higher tier weapons do more damage, and have higher stat requirements to equip. Higher tier armor gives higher Armour and Defense, and so on.

Gems also have tiers; see their page for details.